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Logical Data Recovery FAQs:

Involves the loss of data due to file system failure or accidental loss of data. Logical recoveries would include deletion of files, accidental loss of partition using FDISK, Formatting the incorrect drive, virus attack and the like. There are many data recovery software tools available.

Laptop Data Recovery

We have specialized tools and techniques to works with all laptop manufacturers. We have honed customs tools for data recovery of Dell Laptop, Toshiba, Compaq, HP, Sony and many other OEM resellers and manufacturer of notebook or laptop computers. Our usual turn around time for laptop hard drive recovery is 48 hours.

Hard Drive Recovery FAQs

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About Hard Drive Recovery Services

Hard Drive Recovery Services is a West Florida company that has been recovering data from hard drives and other media since our inception in 1995. Throughout our history, we have worked with individuals and small companies, as well as Fortune 500 companies and large non-profit organizations and recovered thousands of gigabytes worth of data in the process. This is one of the many reasons why Hard Drive Recovery Services has a 99% customer retention rate and receives over 80% of our customer referrals from current clients.

Because our business is essentially a service-based business, we have made the quality of our service a key factor to our growth. We have accomplished this by consistently recovering the data our clients request, maintaining communication throughout the process, and ensuring on time delivery of any recovered data.

Our engineers have a combined 35 years of expereince recovering data. We have the capabilities and experience to repair and recover virtually any hard drive, optical drive, floppy, JAZ, Raid 0 to RAID 5.

Please visit our customer list and see the types of clients who have relied upon Hard Drive Recovery Services to recovery their vital data.

If you would like to contact Hard Drive Recovery Services, please call:
1-866-600-DISK or visit out contact page.


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