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Logical Data Recovery FAQs:

Involves the loss of data due to file system failure or accidental loss of data. Logical recoveries would include deletion of files, accidental loss of partition using FDISK, Formatting the incorrect drive, virus attack and the like. There are many data recovery software tools available.

Laptop Data Recovery

We have specialized tools and techniques to works with all laptop manufacturers. We have honed customs tools for data recovery of Dell Laptop, Toshiba, Compaq, HP, Sony and many other OEM resellers and manufacturer of notebook or laptop computers. Our usual turn around time for laptop hard drive recovery is 48 hours.

Hard Drive Recovery FAQs

Hard Dirve & Data Recovery FAQ

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Data Recovery Capabilities

Hard Drive Recovery Services strives to keep up with all current technologies and systems.  We also realize that not all of our clients are utilizing the latest technologies.  We have technicians trained on older systems as well as the newest - ensuring that we have the expertise required for every unique situation.  You can count on our services and expertise to get your data back! 

Should you have a need to extract data from a media or platform not listed, contact us, as not all media types are listed.

Hard Drives Internal: EIDE/ATA, SCSI, MFM, RLL, ESDI. Raid, RAID 0, RAID 5, Spanned and Striped disks

Hard Drives External: SCSI, FireWire(IEEE-1394), USB. 

Removable Media:

Removable Cartridges:
SQ400, SQ800, Jaz 1GB, Jaz 2GB, Zip100, Zip250, 128MB 3.5 optical, 1.2GB/Side 5.25 optical, LS120. 

Floppy Diskettes: 
360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB, 1.44MB. Platforms/Operating Systems


Our trained engineers can recover data from virtually every operating system and storage device in any data loss situation.Whether your data loss is the result of mechanical failure, data corruption, viruses, software problems or fire - it is more than likely recoverable.  

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