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Logical Data Recovery FAQs:

Involves the loss of data due to file system failure or accidental loss of data. Logical recoveries would include deletion of files, accidental loss of partition using FDISK, Formatting the incorrect drive, virus attack and the like. There are many data recovery software tools available.

Laptop Data Recovery

We have specialized tools and techniques to works with all laptop manufacturers. We have honed customs tools for data recovery of Dell Laptop, Toshiba, Compaq, HP, Sony and many other OEM resellers and manufacturer of notebook or laptop computers. Our usual turn around time for laptop hard drive recovery is 48 hours.

Hard Drive Recovery FAQs

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Welcome To Hard Drive Recovery Services 24/7 data recovery live help 1 727-343-2735

HDRS: Hard drive recovery data recovery service and repair.


Get an online data recovery quote here. Or call us any time day or night and speak with a recovery engineer. No sales staff, qualified recovery engineers on staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week 1 727 343 2735.

Hard Drive Recovery Services was founded by data recovery engineers who have had decades of experience working for North America's largest data recovery companies. The processes and standards they established in the industry are still in use by the largest data recovery companies in the World. Hard Drive Recovery Services (HDRS) limits its intake of recovery cases to provide the highest quality data recovery service for each and every data recovery client. We provide each case submitted the undivided attention of our engineers. Your data is not at the mercy of PC technicians, lab assistants or any other type of non-qualified personel. From the time your drive arrives at Hard Drive Recovery Services your data is handled by engineers with decades of experience. We offer Flat Rate data recovery. No diagnostics costs or hidden fees. If we do not recover your data you pay us nothing.

Data Loss. Hard drive data recovery and data recovery from other media types can seem very complicated. To help simplify the recovery process we have narrowed the cause or types of data recovery into two different levels: Invasive and non-invasive data recovery. However, it is sometimes a combination of both invasive and non-invasive recovery that is necessary. This is meant to simply help uncomplicate a matter that may be made to seem very complicated at a very stressful time. There are other more technical issues including the drives vendor specific data area where remapping of the drive may need to occur. This is extremely technical and for the sake of getting to the point we will just refer to it as an invasive recovery.

Non-Invasive Hard Drive Recovery: Non-invasive recoveries are physical recoveries that do not require extensive clean room work or the seal to be broken. However, swapping controller cards does not work the vast majority of the time. The firmware and chipsets vary greatly from one drive to the next. With great probability a controller card of the same model and manufacturer held in your left hand will not work for the deffective hard drive controller held in your right hand. Diagnosing and tracing down defective chip or possible shorts is usually the only way to repair the defective hard drive.

Invasive Hard Drive Recovery and Repair: Invasive data recovery are physical recoveries that require head swaps, internal electronic replacement, or other extensive clean-room work. If your drive is clicking, clunking, whining or grinding, you need hard drive recovery services.

We have an excellent success rate recovering data from single drives to advanced server drives, RAID's, SAN's, and NAS's. We are pleased to offer our proven data recovery services and experience to you.  Call us at 1-727-343-2735 with a brief description of the problem and we will provide options on how to proceed, as well as a flat rate price for most jobs.

Fill out our Hard Drive Recovery Quote Request Form if you prefer to not pick up the phone..

We have extensive experience in the recovery of data from inaccessible hard drives, even those where there is failure of the drive itself and it isn't spinning.  We have successfully recovered data from drives running Windows, NT, NetWare, OS/2, Mac OS, DOS,Linux, AIX, HPUX,and SCO Unix.  

Data can be recovered from Hard Drives, RAID, RAID 0, RAID 5, Diskettes, Zip and Jaz cartridges, as well as Optical Media and Microdrives.

Call our Data Recovery Service Advisors at 1-727-343-2735 for more information or with any questions you may have.

Hitahci, IBM, Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate, Fujitsu Channel Parters | Hard drive recovery and Toshiba and Dell laptop data recovery specialist.

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