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Logical Data Recovery FAQs:

Involves the loss of data due to file system failure or accidental loss of data. Logical recoveries would include deletion of files, accidental loss of partition using FDISK, Formatting the incorrect drive, virus attack and the like. There are many data recovery software tools available.

Laptop Data Recovery

We have specialized tools and techniques to works with all laptop manufacturers. We have honed customs tools for data recovery of Dell Laptop, Toshiba, Compaq, HP, Sony and many other OEM resellers and manufacturer of notebook or laptop computers. Our usual turn around time for laptop hard drive recovery is 48 hours.

Hard Drive Recovery FAQs

Hard Dirve & Data Recovery FAQ

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Platforms And Operating Systems


Servers Intel x86 based. Macintosh 680x0 thru G4. Drives configured as striped, spanned, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, NAS and SAN. 
Desktop Intel x86 based. ISA, EISA, Microchannel, VL and PCI architecture. Macintosh 680x0 thru G4. 
Laptop Intel x86 based. Macintosh 680x0 thru G4. 3.5 inch slim-line, standard 2.5 inch SCSI and EIDE, plus several custom interfaces. 

Operating Systems

Microsoft DOS 3.0 thru DR DOS current versions, Windows 1 thru 3.x, Windows 9x, Windows NT (Server and Workstation), Windows 2000 (all versions), Windows ME, Windows XP (all versions). 
Macintosh System 4 thru MacOS X. 
Linux, SCO Unix and Xenix.

If your platform or OS is not listed here - don't panic!  

Our engineers are continually training and updating.  

Please contact us if your OS or platform  is not on the list.  

In the unlikely event that we cannot work with your OS or platform, we will put you in contact with professionals who can.

Call: 1-866-600-DISK

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